We will sell you any piece from Whitewood Manufacturer for less than anyone you can find on or off the internet. If you find your piece at a lower price send us the information and we will beat their price. Finished or Unfinished.
Proudly . . .
Whitewood Industries was  founded in 1979 as a manufacturer of ready-to-finish furniture. As a 30+ year old company Whitewood Industries has greatly evolved into becoming a leading supplier of both finished and unfinished furniture throughout the U.S. with one mission in mind. Offer the most beautiful, quality home furnishings at a tremendous value. We are based in Thomasville, N.C. (a neighboring city to High Point, NC, the city known and widely recognized as being ‘the furniture capital of the world’), where we employ 200 dedicated North Carolinians.

Parawood . . .
More than ever, being environmentally conscience, and responsible, is part of our lives. Manufacturing processes, waste management, use of natural resources and more affect our world and quality of life. We recognize that though home furnishings are a necessity, they too have a positive or negative impact on our environment. For this reason, as well as the sheer beauty and quality of Parawood, over 95% of our products are proudly crafted in this extremely dense, plantation grown hardwood. Parawood serves our world in more than one way beyond just its wood. It’s a true form of our fully utilizing a natural resource. Parawood is the tree in which latex is produced. For a minimum of 10+ years the Parawood Tree is “tapped” (the same manner syrup is tapped from a maple tree). This is the age in which the tree ceases to produce sufficient quantities of latex and is cut for the manufacturing of furniture. For every tree cut, a new tree is planted as a replacement, harmoniously maintaining natural balance

Parawood Facts:

Scientific Name: Hevea Brasiliensis
Density: 7+ (Birch: 7, Ash: 8)
Strength Group: B6 (same group as maple)

Plantation grown to promote ecological balance
Easy to finish
Featuring Whitewood  Ready to Finish Furniture

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